Here's a collection of frequently asked questions about API Framework

Can I use API Framework together with Controllers and Actions?

Yes, API Framework works together with controllers. In fact, API Framework uses the same mechanism and the controllers and actions do so routing, filters, authentication and all work as expected.

What .NET versions API Framework supports?

Currently API Framework targets the LTS version of .NET Core, meaning .NET Core 3.1. The current idea is to jump from 3.1 to .NET 6 as that is the next LTS but support for .NET 5 is still under consideration. Please let us know what you think: https://github.com/weikio/ApiFramework/issues/25

Weikio.ApiFramework.Core vs Weikio.ApiFramework.AspNetCore vs Weikio.ApiFramework.AspNetCoreStarterKit. What should I use?

The work with API Framework usually starts by adding one of the following Nuget-packages:

Nuget Version

Nuget Version

Nuget Version

Here's the difference between these packages:

Weikio.ApiFramework.Core Weikio.ApiFramework.AspNetCore Weikio.ApiFramework.AspNetCore.StarterKit
Core functionality x x x
Plugins using Plugin Framework x x
NSwag preconfigured x
Admin endpoints x

Is this free?

Yes. API Framework is an open source, Apache version 2.0 licensed project.

Is there a commercial support available?

Yes. Commercial support for API Framework is provided by Adafy.

Adafy Logo

Adafy is a Finnish software development house, focusing on Microsoft technologies.